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Our Economy

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Our Economic facts

Anambra State is rich in natural gas, crude oil, bauxite, and ceramic. It has an almost 100 percent arable soil. Anambra state has many other resources in terms of agro-based activities such as fisheries and farming, as well as land cultivated for pasturing and animal husbandry. It has the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria.

Anambra State also boasts of the biggest market in West Africa as well as the State with the highest number of self made billoniare and a self sufficient economic model which is built on the best public, private partnership in Nigeria.

Anambra State has a population of over 4,177,828 people according to the 2006 census and a density of 860/km sq. Our State also boast of a GDP of $11.83 Billion Dollars and a Per capita of $1.615 as at 2007.